On Sunday

Lay Reader

A lay reader is one who redirects the congregation's focus to God through the reading of scripture and praying in church.  The only requirements are a willing spirit and the ability to read out loud.

As a lay reader you will be asked to read the scriptures, lead the prayers of the people or help distribute communion.

For more information contact Susan Cantey.


Ushers capture the Levitical priests’ sense of solemn glory. As we enter our churches, many of us are greeted by your gracious, restrained smiles, inviting us in to enjoy the hospitality of the Lord’s house.  Much as our welcoming Lord makes space within his family for the broken, the hasty, and the sinful, the usher ensures space in the pews for all.

For more information contact Harry Logan. 


 As an acolyte, you will be joining the ranks of those who have helped with the worship service since the year 250 A.D.
Acolytes keep the worship services running smoothly.  As an acolyte, you assist the worship leaders and the congregation in worship. You will be in front of the congregation most of the time setting an example for others.  You are called to be flexible, so that you can be called upon at any time to do something that needs to be done.

For more information contact Michelle Matney.

Children's Chapel

Children's Chapel (during the 11am service) at St. John's is a time for our youngest members (3K-3rd grade) to be spiritually fed and worship together during the Sunday service time. They gather with their leaders in our downstairs classroom and hear a Bible story, participate in a discussion and an activity.

We will be using the Heart's Alive curriculum. This tool provides leaders with a Bible story to read, discussion questions and activities to get the kids thinking about what they have heard, all while following the liturgical calendar. 

For more information contact Charlotte Smith.